Little Hillside Vineyard

Little Hillside is the first vineyard we planted, in 2016, on one acre right next to our house. I can look out our bedroom window in the spring and see the vines. In the winter, snow piles up against the windows of this room. You can see through tunnels of blue ice to the vineyard. In the summer and fall, blueberries and blackberries and dogwood obscure the view.

We cleared the field, planted a cover crop of daikon radish and clover (still eating those pickled daikons), dug 650 holes, purchased the vines from Andy at Northeastern Vine supply, placed them carefully in their new homes, began a program of biodynamic preparations, bugged neighbors for cow horns to stuff with manure, watched and waited. A big toad (Totoro) watched with some skepticism.

Emily and Connor and Sam, Ellie, Mia, and Ellie Martin and Amelia and Tom and many others helped to prune and tie and compost and spray preparations along the way.

In September 2018 we had our first harvest—500 pounds.

As I write this, I taste a deeply colored orange field blend from this falls harvest. Doug is making couscous.